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Here is a brief description of our systems:


We use a Microsoft Cloud based Monitoring platform which allows us to know before anyone else if an issue is about to occur. It reaches our help-desk automatically, alerting technicians, thus improving response time and adding preventive task to maintenance visits. Such approach is even more important if you have a complex network environment with multiple sites, VPNs, etc. This moves our clients to the next level of network stability and support. Our technicians are professionals certified by Cisco. In other words, we know there is an issue BEFORE you do! This includes servers and computers. We can evaluate and receive alerts of things like memory usage leaks:


Cloud based Request and Feedback platforms make information exchange fast and transparent for users. It is easy for them to see what progress is made and leave feedback. System is simple and resilient. It works through website or email.


We utilize a Cloud based Remote help platform, which is designed to cut the wait time for users to get the support they need. With one click, a technician can access your screen and resolve your issue with you in real time.




We use a Secured Cloud Vault for sensitive data and for a variety of industry security compliances (like HIPAA for medical environments) to comply with best practice security policies. This protects your information and removes access through manual filing systems. No one will be able to get to your data and/or accounts. Our engineers use a special application with security tokens to get access when needed.




In collaboration with security leaders such as Symantec we use Cloud based security management and centralized threat protection systems. We developed digital policies to protect networks from crypto viruses and ransomware. Cloud resiliency and speed allows us to stop the infection before it spreads to user and servers.




We employ an Encrypted Cloud Backup system to secure your data. For example if you are a law firm and have sensitive documents, approach like this leaves no chance for hackers or governmental bodies to obtain access even if they secure access to the servers in data center. You can even keep an encryption key yourself – if you lose it J there will be no way to retrieve backup data.

Secure Protection Layer                                   Automate Security Management


We also have hardware options for your audio and video communications.

Our Nyx© IP Phone System has top-notch features like voicemail to email, pick up from anywhere, whisper and more.  Surprisingly – and more importantly, it is much cheaper than proprietary systems. We are able to pass savings on open source software to our clients. With this system, you can enjoy “Best in Class” hardware resiliency – even with up to 1000 phones connected. You have a broad selection of highest rated video and voice available on the market.


There is always potential for us to discuss what we could bring to your IT and audio network capabilities and service modules.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to arrange a site survey and discuss your evolving needs.

Manhattan Computer Technology Team

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