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How are we different?


Helping other people is our Goal. Special offers are available if your company is a non-for-profit involved with technology or the arts. We are honored to stand by your side throughout every challenge to help your business flourish and thrive!


Integrity is our Enterprise. If you want your server room to look like a space station you are in the right place!

Perfection is our Cause. You will hold on to us, because we don’t make excuses. We provide solutions.  Our focus is on long-term unfailing functionality and continuous improvement!

Proactive by design


Our mission at Manhattan Computer is centered on Proactive approach rather than relying on a reactive or “it is broken now we need to fix it” business model. For our clients, this strategy transforms the standards in their IT environment to a new level. Everything we do is built around improving the value and reliability of the technology clients depend upon in their business.

We make this possible by using Cloud platforms in partnership with Microsoft and Amazon for our technology development, employing a Remote help interface if and when issues arise, and enhancing the way our clients communicate with us though our Request platform and Feedback portal. Our end goal is to make IT environment operations and servicing needs as seamless and efficient as possible through these resources.​

Effectiveness by outsource

Manhattan Computer offers clients efficient, customized, and cost-effective technological solutions without the time and money hassles of in-house staffing. Founded by IT and project management specialists, Manhattan Computer maximize tight technological budgets to benefit the overall business goals of each client.

We view technology as a tool to help their clients achieve their best results. Manhattan Computer know that each client’s investment in technology should be driven by individual goals. A cookie-cutter approach to technology is neither economical nor business-savvy. With over 17 years of experience in the fast-changing computer industry, Manhattan Computer help clients meet their technological needs with the hardware and software best suited for them at prices they can afford!

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