Our technology service Features and Benefits



The support we provide will be like having IT professionals on staff. All your systems, servers and networks have technicians assigned. Backups*. Multiple office locations enables us to provide unrivaled onsite response time.

IT Support


Local*** and Cloud phone system options allow you to achieve the scale your business requires. Save money otherwise spent on copper phone lines. Brings voice service quality to the next level.

Phone Service

included.** Control what can be accessed and by whom both to and from your network. Prevent unauthorized access to your computers. Eliminate internet speed degradation caused by hacking attempts. 

High performance Firewall


is our Cause.  If you want your server room to look like a space station you are in the right place!

Our focus is on long-term unfailing business functionality and continuous improvement.

Boost your effective internet speed with internet caching technology included** in services. 

Faster online access


You don't need to tell us your computer is getting slow. We will work with you to draw up and implement a comprehensive hardware update plan.​

Hardware monitoring


We will be alerted the minute your office experiences an internet outage. We will be calling you before you call us when your internet goes down.

Cloud network monitoring


included.** Prevent hackers from around the world from tapping into your remote server. Protect yourself from recent ransom schemes were your own files are remotely encrypted and held for ransom.

Enhanced security


(without costly subscriptions). Filter the website content you find inappropriate and unrelated to your business. Included** in our service. 

Website content filtering


Access your files from anywhere. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) included** in services at no extra cost and without need of complex software.

Remote access



Internal Technology management. We don't just know models and features - we understand how all systems work at a fundamental level.

Technology management


by enterprise pros. We allow you save on a hardware costs and their related fees and taxes with more than 17 years of hardware sales and consultancy experience. 



Email and chat management with anti-spam system and security. If you maintain your own email server gain full control of the filtering system. Filter to receive only the emails you want.

Communication simplified



is our Enterprise.  You will hold on to us, because we don’t make excuses. We provide solutions.

Your technology, related support and business process is managed by a highly qualified professionals holding a Master in Business Administration and experienced in managing technology and supporting the business process for over 15 years. Practice makes perfect.



Technology and deployment projects are managed by qualified professionals holding industry-leading certifications like Project Management Professional (PMP) and SCRUM, AWS, CISCO. You are relying on the best.



Clients can avail themselves of multiple feedback channels in addition to the automated feedback we receive via our monitoring platform. Our goal is nonstop improvement.

Be a part of the team


Social responsibility

At least 10% of company revenue is donated to support local nonprofit organizations. Help by helping those who help.

We donate at least 10%


Technology support of public medical research programs and health nonprofit organizations in Manhattan. Stand beside someone in need.​

Support public research


to support nonprofit organizations and charities. Let us help in your cause.

Our employees volunteer



others is our Goal. Special offers are available if your company is a non-for-profit involved with technology or the arts. We are honored to stand by your side throughout every challenge to help your business flourish and thrive!

* You might need to procure an affordable, 3rd-party Cloud storage plan (around $50 a year) and USB backup drives (around $100).
** In most cases supplied by our high performance firewall, routing and phone system devices. You might need to purchase several pieces of low cost hardware if you are a new client (around $300).

*** We can assist new clients as they evaluate their options of either choosing to use their old phones or to purchase new phones from an online vendor like amazon. Phone system features might vary depending on age and type of existing phones.

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